“How to” sell online…

Now, the infomation on this page will be information that i, myself, have gathered from the net, newspaper articles, Tv, radio etc, None of this information will be my own, i will source all the information i obtain. The reason none of this information is none of my own, is because this blog is to build up a database of different methods, for myself, and others to use. I will be reviewing all of the content i use to make sure it is all relating back to my idea of “How to” sell online. I will explain the different ways you can sell products online, or sell information online, and i will also attempt to explain the different ways you can use ‘Words’ to sell things online.

Personally, my favourite way to sell online is Ebay, i suppose this is because it has made me blind to everything else as it is dominating the online markets, it is used be millions and is 99% of the time trustworthy (For me anyway). And in my eyes, the more you know about the item you are selling, the more you can garuntee, the more information you give to the customers, the more you sell. I have seen this work, I have seen items on ebay, even when there have been 10-20 of the same item, people were bidding  more for the same item on certain listings, which made me curious, i then looked at the listings in more detail, the ones which were recieving the most listings were the ones which had the most information, free p+p, returns accepted, and they overall sounded the most promising. It is the WORDS that sell the item, and my aim is to find out the different methods of using words to sell my items on ebay (hense why i am selling junk). – Tony

Use smartwords to help produce more effective copy. Emphasize benefits that meet your customer’s needs. Your material will pack more punch when you write to make every word count.

Online, it’s words that sell, not graphics. In a few moments, we’ll mention some suggestions for good Netwriting and provide some tips and hints from the masters… and we’ll show you why so much web copy fails.” – Taken from <a href=”http://www.family-business-experts.com/words-that-sell.html“>Family-Business-experts.</a>


I have just found an excellent guide browsing through google, I will most likely use some of these tips to sell my first peice of junk on monday 27th july, A lot of people with information like this, attempt to put it all in too an e-book, but don’t fall for the e-book unless your 100% certain, and have been referred by a family or friend to buy them, anyway, if i was you, i would book,mark this link-  http://www.skipmcgrath.com/auction_sr/77-tips-tools-selling-ebay.shtml

As the website i posted above explains, if you want to be a successfull online “businessman”, you need to be able to understand and interact with others in the correct way, you will come across a lot of people online using “online lingo”, i suggest you take a look at this website, i myself am going through this website, so far, i am finding it very interesting :-). http://www.netlingo.com Have a go yourself. – Tony


1) First and foremost you must become familiar with the website itself. You can easily navigate the website and look around to get a quick feel of it. If you visit Ebay’s help section they have a space designated for just sellers. Read through the FAQ and help section and learn about the advantages you have by using Ebay, but also become aware of the dangers and possible scams that are common.

2) When choosing a title it is best to use language that is simple and free of any grammatical errors. One must keep in mind that all type of people visit and browse Ebay so make sure the title and description are easily understandable to everybody. Also the title should be short, yet straight to the point. A potential buyer should be able to understand exactly what you are trying to sell just through the title.

3) “A picture speaks a thousand words” is a common saying that is especially true when listing an item on Ebay. Make sure you have a descriptive and clear photo of what you are listing. A potential buyer will usually always look first at the picture before anything else, so make sure it is a good representation of your item. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, would you want to purchase an item if the picture is out of focus, hazy and dimly lit? No!

4) When listing an item always make sure you pay attention to the appearance. Imagine yourself as the possible buyer, by doing this you will be able to criticize your own listing better. Choose normal fonts and colors that work well together; try to point out specific things that you are trying to get across to the reader about your item. You need to keep in mind that whether your item sells or not can depend solely on the appearance.  – http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1906072/seven_tips_on_how_to_sell_effectively.html


I often come across, how do you say it… ‘blunt’, listings, I do agree with getting straight to the point in the listings, but sometime’s i guess people will feel a bit unsure with wether or not to go with this buyer due to the lack of information they is giving, The title catches peoples eyes “SELLING ITEM CHEAP BRAND NEW” etc, but when i go to the listings, it is basically just repeating the title but stretched out a bit more, and not giving me the information that would make me feel as if i am buying a genuine “item” as promised, i know that when i click on a catchy title, i expect information to be in the description about the item that would make me feel positive about going through with the transaction, also not too cluttered by advertisements and information jotted all over their cheesy templates, All the information thats relevant, together in one place, pictures, and a template relevant to the item that is being sold. – Tony


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