History of ebay junk

Lot’s and lot’s of people buy stupid amounts of useless junk on ebay, i am going to be putting the junk lovers to the test and see what i can actually sell on ebay.

People have sold some ridiculous things on ebay and i hope to join the list. Things such as…

Used dentures – $38.99

Wisdom teeth – $20

2 M&M’s joined together (siamese) – $1

Monkey shaped peach pip – $5.55

Penis-shaped cheeto – $1.25

A hornets nest – $2.55

A mans life (they got his car, house, job) – £200,000

Michael jacksons underwear – $1,000,000

Cornflake shaped like illinois attracted bids of up to $1000

I will keep updating the list, it is quite humourous.

Also take a look at this (he is my current idol) – http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,192166,00.html (One red paperclip).


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