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Updating the blog.

Posted in Update on July 24, 2009 by treyno

Friday 24th July 2009 / 10:23am

This morning i will be updating the blog as per, I’m also going to find ways to gain traffic to my blog without gaining too much spam, i am hopefully going to gain daily readers and many will subscribe and take part. I recentley purchased a new domain ( to gain more readers, and it is easier to type :), Due to i am not a blog wizard i will be looking at other blogs to see their set up and how they have managed to do so well, i will also be attempting to put my blog on lot’s of search engines, i am also going to be adding a new page “How to sell on ebay”, there are a lot of sites regarding that problem, but i feel i can benefit from doing the investigating also, and readers can benefit more from my blog, I will keep updated. – Tony.