Right, the whole idea of this blog is i (Tony Reynolds) am going to do my best to sell as much JUNK! i own as possible, that being things like; used pens, hairclips, paperclips, broken rulers, anything that any (sane) person would class as junk basically. I will put up polls regarding some things wether some objects i may class as junk are debatable.

I am going to use the oh so famous EBAY to list my items, i will start most of them off at fairly low starting bid (Yes all my items will bought by the bidding option). I AM GOING TO UPDATE EVERYDAY (if possible ofcourse).

I am going to start off with 3-4 items per week, then wether or not this blog does well, i will increase the numbers. I’m doing this blog mainly for my own benefit and to see what type of things people will buy, and for the benefit of others, i will enjoy it a lot more if others would give their feedback.

But that’s not all, the way i am going to  be selling things, is by taking advice from other websites/blogs/videos, I am going to be writing in the description as a professional ebay seller (power seller?), i am going to be taking tips and tricks and see which work the best, i will be leaving sources to all the infomation i use, i will be writing reviews and rating which methods will be the best, This will be for the people aiming to sell their item to the best of their ability and hopefully getting some use out of the information i type in this blog.

I will take on requests from other users, by sending me a description of what they have, and what they think i can get for it, if i think it is reachable or realistic, i will attempt to hit or even beat it.


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