Tomorrow! :D

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Sunday 26th July 2009 / 11:41am

I did not update the blog yesterday as i was extremely busy, but i will update more, and already have updated some today, in the “How to sell online” section.

Tomorrow!, tomorrow will be my first listing of my first peice of junk, i will update the blog with the methods i use and how the listing is going, i will let you know what item it is i sell, and let me know what you yourself think i will get for my junk, if anyting, i know a lot of my junk will just expire, but that is my aim of this blog, using the power of words to sell my peices of junk, Also, anybody critsize on my blog? THANKYOU. – Tony


Updating the blog.

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Friday 24th July 2009 / 10:23am

This morning i will be updating the blog as per, I’m also going to find ways to gain traffic to my blog without gaining too much spam, i am hopefully going to gain daily readers and many will subscribe and take part. I recentley purchased a new domain ( to gain more readers, and it is easier to type :), Due to i am not a blog wizard i will be looking at other blogs to see their set up and how they have managed to do so well, i will also be attempting to put my blog on lot’s of search engines, i am also going to be adding a new page “How to sell on ebay”, there are a lot of sites regarding that problem, but i feel i can benefit from doing the investigating also, and readers can benefit more from my blog, I will keep updated. – Tony.

Launch of my new blog..

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Thursday 23rd July 2009 / 23:53pm

I’ve just recentley thought of this idea for a blog, so i finally got round to doing it, after chuckling to myself about the different things i could sell for a few hours, i put this up :), it is not much thus far, but with your help soon will be.

I will be puting more pages up, I made this post to announce the first listing will be on monday, i will not be saying what the item will be untill monday. i hope to gain many suscribers and i hope lots of you will take part in my journey to see what people are willing to purchase through ebay :). I will update tommorrow.